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Delivering digital delight to our client is our passion and we do it enthusiastically.
eColor Studio started in the year 1998 with the mission: “To provide world class animation contents to global market at lowest possible rates”. With more than a decade experience, we have worked on hundreds of gorgeous animation, web and mobile app projects.
Animation films developed by eColor Studio have won several prestigious awards like
  • Myra P. Sadekar Award,
  • Best in Fest Animation Award from LA Women’s International Film Festival,
  • Breaking Traditions Achievement Award from CTEEC,
  • iParenting Media Award,
  • Mom’s Choice Award.
With huge success in animation market and on time’s demand, in the year 2012 we upgraded our mission: “To provide all kind of digital services under one roof at lowest possible rates”.
To achieve our goal we partnered with many digital companies specialized in Web, Mobile, Gamming, Animation, VFx and SEO. Power of group controls overhead costing, which help us to provide maximum cost advantage to our clients.
Our Vision
To be globally respected company, which provide best of class digital solution, leveraging technology, with best available resources.
Our Mission
To achieve our objective in an environment which have honesty, fairness and courtsy towards our employees, partners, vendors, clients and society.

Our Animation Process

1. Before Action
What about a HANDSHAKE first?

eColor Studio believes “a cup of coffee” together can give hundreds of answer. When you contact us, we try for fix a PERSONNLE MEETING with you. This gives you freedom of expression. Also together we can explore various possibilities of execution of the project. The game become interesting when both the players know each other closely and PLAY for WIN-WIN situation.

2. Character Designing:
ROME was not built in ONE day!

A character ALONE can tell the entire BIBLE of an animation project. So this is most important and critical step in production. With lots of brainstorming on script, character’s PERSONALITY and LOOKS, our top notch artist design and submit a character for approval. And usually after MANY, MANY, MANY… revisions a character design get’s approval. Well it’s part of GAME and we LOVE it.

3. Storyboard:

For a perfect game all the PLAYERS need same VISION. So in next step we develop STORYBOARD for the project. It’s like comic strip visual presentation of the script, which contains camera angle and visuals of each shot. Storyboard helps EVERYONE to visualize whole project with SAME VISION.

4. Voice-over Recording:

In animation project voice-over are recorded before starting the animation. In this step we record voice-over with professional voice artists. In next step we combined together voice-over and storyboard, which is called ANIMATIC. An animatic represents exact time line of the movie. It helps to analyze flow of the feature.

5. Background Design:

This step can be call as “COLORING the CANVAS”. Beautiful BACKGROUNDS gives LIFE to the animation project. Our expert artists create awesome backgrounds, which matches with the theme and feel of the project.

6. Role-Play & Animation:

It’s time to become CRAZY and get into CHARACTERS! Before starting animating our crew at eColor Studio conduct and participate on ROLE-PLAY session for each animation scene. This exercise generates close association with the project. We record these sessions on digital camera and use it as acting reference. Then we start producing MAGIC of animation followed with all the ANIMATION PRINCIPLES, on supervision of animation director, who is form theatrical background.

7. Post-Production:

“Abra ka Dabra boo!”. Finally MAGIC is about to unveil. In this FINAL step all the animation scenes are organized and combined together in sequence. Also visual effects and animation elements are added in desired sequence of the film. Then after final EDITING is done, where unnecessary scenes of the film are removed.



“CREATIVITY, HARDWORK, MEETING DEADLINE and successful collaboration are just a few of the ongoing results I have experienced working with the eColor team. Although half a world away, it feels like they work in the OFFICE NEXT DOOR. I would recommend them to anyone serious about getting top creative work for incredibly good budgets.”

Ron Fenster, Baby Abuelita Productions

"eColor studio is a FANTASTIC place to realize all of your animated projects, both traditional 2D and computer-generated 3D. They are FAST, ECONOMICAL, and bursting with artistic ideas. I could not more highly recommend an animation studio to prospective producers!"


“I don’t have enough words to express the EXCELLENT animation services provided by eColor Studio. They have fantastic team of creative people and animators. We are working together since many years and VERY SATISFIED with their timely and price effective services. We highly recommend them for all kind of animation services.”

Laila Rubstein , Greeting-cards.com

"Mani and all his team at Ecolor Studios are GREAT artists that create EXCELLENT images and cartoons from a simple scratch idea! We highly recommend them for animation services."

Pedro Sousa, Gente de Palmo e Meio Lda

“eColor is the first and only studio I call for 2D and 3D animation. From National Lampoon to Time Life to Nintendo, the work they've done for my clients has always been TOP-NOTCH. They consistently go ABOVE and BEYOND to meet deadlines and surpass expectations; I recommend eColor Studio enthusiastically.”

Nick Tabri Writer / Director

“Mani and his team of professionals delivered exactly what we had hoped for: GREAT QUALITY and ON TIME DELIVERY. Thanks to every one at eColor for taking such good care of us. I can recommend them to any body!”

David Temple, Temple Media


eColor Studio provides all kind of digital services under one roof.


2D and 3D Animation Development

eColor Studio have worked on almost all variety of animation projects such as; limited animation, realistic animation, stylized animation. Here is the area, which we cover in our services:


CGI & Visual Effects Development

eColor Studio provides visual effect related services for following areas:
> VFx for feature film
> VFx for Television series


Website & Mobile App Development

eColor Studio provides custom web development services and mobile app development services at below areas:
> iPhone app development
> Android app development
> Windows app development
> Blackberry app development


Games Development

eColor Studio provides all kind of gaming solution for mobiles, ipad and web.


Our Portfolio stands as a testimonial to the trust and confidence that the company has earned during the years. We take this opportunity to present some of our esteemed projects, whose owners have experienced the benefits of our unmatched services.

Portfolio Item


Portfolio Item


Portfolio Item


Portfolio Item


Portfolio Item


Portfolio Item


Portfolio Item



We invite the following personnel to join our team for highly exiting career in the field of Animation. To apply please drop your resume at :



In more than a decade long creatively fun-filled journey, we at eColor Studio have worked on HUNDREDS of GORGEOUS ANIMATION projects. Which benefited clients and caused DELIGHTS. Although it is not possible to share all of them here, but we can share few. These are some project in which we have worked ENTIRELY or MOST part of it;

Improbable Journey of Berta Benz
  • The Improbable Journey of Berta Benz has WON the Best in Fest – ANIMATION AWARD from the 2013 LA Women’s International Film Festival, the Breaking Traditions Achievement AWARD from the CTEEC, and Myra P. Sadker AWARD..
View Project
Family Fiesta
  • Family Fiesta animation series has WON iParenting Media AWARD and Mom’s Choice AWARD. It is a BILINGUAL SERIES, which includes learning experience for children in both English and Spanish that encourage them to embrace and enjoy Hispanic traditions such as family, culture, folklore and language.
View Project
Bin Bin’s Magical Bubble Adventure
  • Bin Bin's Magical Bubble Adventures is a one-of-a-kind DVD that uses IMMERSION to teach Chinese (Mandarin). Not only will children learn Mandarin but they will have FUN doing so as they go on three exciting adventures with Bin Bin and his friends to learn about colors, foods and sleepy time.
View Project
Monsieur Biscuit
  • Monsieur Biscuit Animation Series is collection of 54 interesting Elearning Episodes. These mini episodes are HUGELY POPULAR on youtube, facebook, social-media websites and mobile application. These episodes are also used greatly as TV COMMERCIAL.
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